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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Real Woman

Is glad she's a woman and rejoices in her feminity, expressing it through her attitude, appearance and bearing. (1 Tim. 2:9-10)

Does not compete for equality with men or chafe at God's design for male and female, but delights in and understands the importance of her calling to complement man's role. (1 Tim. 2:11-12, Eph. 5:22-24)

Values the cultivation of her mind and diligently seeks after wisdom and knowledge. (Prov. 22:17-21, 2:2-6)

Realizes her imperative need to allow the Holy Spirit to control her emotions and expressions of them. (James 1:19-20)

Does not wallow in self-pity or make a habit of voicing complaints, but radiates cheerfulness and joy. (Prov. 15:15, 17:22)

Appreciates her father's protection, and respects and submits to his authority. In so doing, she is preparing herself to exercise the Biblical role in her relationship with a possible future husband. (Eph. 5:33-6:3, 1 Peter 3:1-2)

Is trustworthy and gains the respect of those around her. (Prov. 31:11)

Restrains herself from listening to, or participating in gossip, but instead speaks with wisdom and discretion. (Prov. 11:12-13, 22, 20:19, 3:11)

Encourages and builds up those around her instead of criticizing and tearing them down. (1 Thess. 5:11, Eph. 4:29)

Does not have a nagging, contentious or manipulative manner in which she deals with others. (Judges 16:16, Prov. 21:9,19, 26:21)

Is characterized by a gentle and quiet spirit. (Prov. 9:13, 1 Pet. 3:4)

Portrays chastity, modesty and reverence in her manner, and wears the ornament of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is her true beauty. (1 Peter 3:3-4, Tit. 2:4-5)

Is not offended by respect shown her through gentlemanly courtesies (opening doors, etc.) but cultivates the differences between the sexes that make her worthy of this deference. (1 Pet. 3:7, Mark 10:6)

Seeks to make God her number one desire and the Lover of her soul, knowing that only He can fully satisfy. (Ps. 73:25, Ps. 63:1)

Uses her years of singleness to seek and serve God without distraction, and is content to leave the details of her future to Him. (Ps. 73:25, Phil. 4:11)

Does not relate to members of the opposite sex in a flirtatious or forward manner, but instead saves all her passion for her future husband. (Thess. 4:3-8, Prov. 6:25, 1 Cor. 7:1)

Holds her virginity before marriage sacred and will not compromise it for anything. (This one goes for guys, too!) (1 Tim. 5:22)

This list was compiled by Philip Hainline, age 16, and Heidi Reimer, age 19, and her sister Marja, age 17.
Originally published in New Attitude Magazine.

taken from : www.ylcf.org/burningcandle/real-woman.htm

A Real Man

A Real Man:

understands and lives according to the basic purposes for which he was created: to worship, honor, and serve God. (Rom. 12:1-2)

values and carefully handles the scriptures. (2 Tim. 2:15)

isn't embarrassed to worship God and pray in a group setting. (Mark 8:38)

is wise, yet humble. (Prov. 2:1-10, 1 Peter 5:5 & Rom. 12:16)

takes leadership in a self-sacrificing way. (Eph. 5:25-28)

is kind because, "What is desirable in man is his kindness." (Prov. 19:22)

doesn't try to prove himself but is simply confident as he walks in the fear of the Lord. (Prov. 14:26-27)

doesn't put others down with his actions, attitude, words, or his strength. But, on the contrary, he affirms and builds others up. (Prov. 15:4 & Eph. 4:29)

not only respects but appreciates a young lady's purity and innocence. In our culture innocence isn't retained by accident. (2 Cor. 11:2-3)

values his purity as much as he values a young lady's purity. He is not ashamed to live and act differently from the world in order to guard himself. (1 Thess. 4:1-8 & Ecc. 7:26)

can look a girl straight in the eye without communicating any impurity. (Prov. 20:11)

treats his sisters and mother with as much respect as he would treat a prospective wife. (Matt. 25:21)

isn't ashamed to identify himself with his family. (Eph. 6:2-3)

shows by his actions that he loves children. (Matt. 19:13-14)

is a gentleman. He is polite and shows women honor in everyday things such as opening doors, etc. (1 Peter 3:7)

is pleasant and expresses joy rather than feeling that it's masculine to be sullen. (Prov. 21:29 7 & 1 Thess. 5:16)

is mature in his emotions and his expressions of them. He can deal with the trials of life logically, with wisdom,not on a basis of emotional instability. (Prov. 14:29, Prov. 17:27-28 & Prov. 12:18)

doesn't blame others for his own problems but embraces responsibility. (Prov. 12:27)

can accept correction. (Prov. 12:1 & Prov. 29:1)

understands the value of work and is financially responsible. (Col. 3:23-24, 2 Thess. 3:10-12 & Luke 16:10-11)

doesn't pride himself on being knowledgeable in the sinful ways of the world. (1 John 2:15-16, James 4:4 & Phil. 4:8)

expresses himself with intelligent words rather than using "street talk." (Prov. 17:20, Titus 2:6-8, 1 Peter 4:11 & Eph. 4:29)

has no desire to be gross in order to impress other men. He doesn't swear or tell disgusting stories. (Prov. 13:5 & Eph. 5:4)

This list was compiled by Lori Hainline, age 19 and her good friend, Rebecca Chandler, age 17.
Originally published in New Attitude Magazine.
taken from : www.ylcf.org/burningcandle/real-man.htm

God desires for us,,,

Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone, to have a deep soul relationship with another, to be loved thoroughly and exclusively.

But God says to the Christian, "No, not until you are satisfied, fulfilled, and content with being loved by Me alone. Not until you have given yourself totally unreservedly to Me, until you have an intensely personal and unique relationship with Me alone. Not until you have discovered that only in Me is your satisfaction to be found.

Then will you be capable of the perfect human relationship that I have planned for you.

You will never be united with another until you are united with Me, exclusive of anyone or anything else, exclusive of any other desires or longings. I want you to stop planning, stop wishing, and allow Me to give you the most thrilling plan existing, one that you cannot imagine.

I want you to have the best. Please allow Me to bring it to you.

Just keep watching Me, expecting the greatest things. Keep experiencing the satisfaction that I Am.Keep listening & learning the things I tell you. You just wait, that's all.

Don't be anxious, don't worry. Don't look around at the things others have gotten or that I've given them. Don't look at the things you think you want.

And then, when you're ready, I'll surprise you with a love far more wonderful than any you would dream of. You see, until you are ready, and until the one I have for you is ready -- I am working even this moment to have both of you ready at the same time -- until you are both satisfied exclusively with Me and the life I prepared for you, you won't be able to experience the love that exemplifies your relationship with Me, and is thus the perfect love.

And, dear one, I want you to have this most wonderful love. I want you to see in the flesh a picture of your relationship with Me. I want you to enjoy materially and concretely the everlasting union of beauty, perfection, and love that I offer you with Myself.

Know that I love you utterly. I am EL SHADDAI (Almighty).

"Believe it and be satisfied". (Psalms 37:3-5)

taken from : www.ylcf.org/burningcandle/three.htm

Story 'bout the garden locked up,,,

As my horse trotted wearily up the road, I could see the walls of a beautiful garden ahead. Outside the gate was an equally beautiful woman. At the sound of my greeting, she turned and dropped a curtsey. "Good sir... good morning."

I looked at her, and then at the garden walls extending out to the right and left. Behind her was the garden gate.

I said, "I am very thirsty...for something clean."

She smiled, and her smile made me thirstier still. But she said nothing.

"Is there water here?" I asked.

"There is a stream within my garden." Her statement was simply a statement of fact; there was no invitation at all in it.

I asked, "May I come in and drink?"

"No," she said. "The lord of my mother's garden does not permit that."

"Why is this? Other women have let me drink from the gardens that they tend." I glanced at the fruit-laden branches, which were visible over the top of the garden wall. "You have a lovely garden, but those who let me drink had gardens just as beautiful."

She laughed at this, and her laugh was merry indeed.

"I have no doubt that you have been in some lovely gardens. But was the water clean?"

"No," I said, and in spite of myself, turned my head and looked down. She continued with a question. "Is that why you are no longer in the gardens tended by these women?"

I was ashamed so I did not answer her. Instead I looked past her into the garden. The path through the gate disappeared after a few feet, leaving the view of anyone on the road.

"It seems like a shame for such a garden to go to waste."

She seemed both puzzled and amused. "How does it go to waste?"

"Does any man drink from your stream?"

"No, but no man fouls it either."

"But is that not a waste? Was not your stream made to quench the thirst of travelers?"

"I'm afraid you are seriously mistaken. It was made to quench the thirst, not of travelers, but of the lord of the garden."

"Oh," I said, "this garden has a lord?"

"No," she said.

"Then I don't understand. Are you speaking in riddles?"

She smiled. "No, I do not. The garden will one day have a lord, although it does not yet. The stream is for him alone."

"And who will your lord be?"

"When my mother's lord gives a blessing, the one whom I appoint."

"How can the lesser appoint the greater?"

"How can it not be so? When my lord comes, I will grant to him my garden. But until I do, he is just another traveler."

"And what do you look for? I am sure there are many who knock at your gate."

At this she blushed slightly but looked straight at me. "I will not have a lord who does not have a lord himself--my lord must have taken an oath of fealty to the Landlord."

"The Landlord? Who is he?"

"He is the owner of all the gardens along this road. In order to come into my garden, my lord must take an oath before the Landlord to tend the garden well. He must also swear that he will enter no other garden."

I had never heard such words as these before. "How long must he stay out of other gardens?"


"But what if he is born to travel?"

"Then he is not born for my garden."

"I see," I said, becoming a little angry. "Then why have I never heard of such an oath? I have been in many gardens."

"Yes, you said that before. But was the water clean? Were the gardens tended? That is what happens when there is no oath."

"So that is all? If someone takes an oath before this Landlord, you will make them your Lord?"


"Well, what else then?"

"There are many men who think they can tend my garden well, and who would be willing to swear an oath before the Landlord saying so. But that does not mean that my mother's lord, or I, share their confidence."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I know the extent of the garden. I have a knowledge of it that cannot be gained from the road. But no man can share that knowledge until after I have made him my lord and husband. So I must have the measure of the man before."

"So what must a man do?"

"The first thing is to--"

"Yes, I know. He must swear to the Landlord. But after?"

"He must return to me, and ask to see my mother's lord."

"And what would he say?"

"That depends on the man." At this parting comment, she turned and walked slowly back into the garden, pulling the gate closed behind her. I spurred my horse, which began to trot down the road. I did not know what to think, but I needed to find this Landlord.

by : Douglas wilson
taken from : www.ylcf.org/burningcandle/fourteen.htm

When Dreams Come True

daku m0 rek0mendasiin buku yg memberkaTi bgT niy... ni resensi nya... ^^

JuduL : When Dreams Come True
Pengarang : Eric n Leslie Ludy
PenerbiT : Gloria Graffa

Temen2 ada yang pernah bingung nda tentang pasangan hidup or kaya gimana siy batesan hidup kudus pas pacaran? N ada nda siy kisah2 cinta ky d dongeng di dunia skarang ini? Is it really just only a dream? Na… buku ni tuwh pas banget buat temen2... Buku ni tuwh kisah nyata dari para pengarang nya yaitu eric n leslie ludy.
Menceritakan masa muda mereka, dimana mereka terjebak dengan pergaulan yang mengharuskan mereka meninggalkan Yesus di belakang akibat dari tekanan lingkungan n temen2 mereka n mulai kompromi dengan batas2 yang terlalu jauh, sampai pada satu titik mereka akhir nya benar2 berjumpa dengan Yesus secara pribadi dan menyerahkan hidup mereka pada Yesus, meninggalkan kehidupan yang lama, termasuk menyerahkan kehidupan cinta mereka.
Na... disini lah mereka mulai God bawa ke satu petualangan n pengaturan God yang sempurna n indah banget dari mereka akhir nya bertemu, bersahabat, bertunangan sampe akhir nya menikah... n they atleast really say it’s God dream come true for their life not only just their dream...
Aza hwai’Ting!! (^0^)0


Your love is higher than the heaven
Your love is deeper than the ocean...
Your love is more beautiful than the rainb0w...
Your love is sweeter than honey...
Your love is more faithful than the sunrise...
Your love is brighter than the brightest light...
Your love is more than anything in this w0rld...
You prove it when You came t0 this worLd...
You prove it when You love the undeserved one...
You prove it when You choose cross for me...
You prove it when You say You love me even when i'm stiLL a
Your love is unchangeable...
Jesus... Jesus...
it is true that You are worthy of all praise,
honour, worship, love n our life...
i Love You Lord... i Love You... thats all i can say to You...
my compleTe dev0tion...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jalan2 malam n A Responsibility,,,

God t0day senenk bgt d td jalan2 sm anak2 cool, fellowship gt k resto ikan nila,,, sbenere ni fellowship dadakan gr2 girja nda bs dtg n tau2 anak2 ad yg laper gt jd d pd cabut k resto utk makan dg kata2 fellowship, hahahhaa, td yg kut ad vira, jo, epi, mei, ling2 jadul n eva,,, hue, senenk bgt d God td bisa ngobrol2 sm mreka, bs have fun brg, bs ktawa2, bs ceng2an n denger 'perang' vira n jo,,, hahahaha, luthu2,,, ^^
tp yg plg bikin senenk dr tuwh smua adl kbersamaan ny,,, quality time qt brg,,, hr ni aku br ngrasain lg God arti dr fellowship bukan cm snenk2, jalan brg, makan brg tp yg pentink sbenere adl kbersamaan ny,,, bs slg berbagi kasih Kristus jg disana,,, mgkn qt nda ngomongin ap2 yg serius2 n bcanda2 tp its fun bgt God ^^ ad saat2 qt share2 jg, ntah knp brasa hepi aj gt God ^^
senenk bgt jg td bisa jalan brg sm ling2, ud lama bgt nda brg ling2, ngobrol2, gt2,,, tp td bs jalan brg, ktawa2, ngobrol2, bs slg tanya kabar, slg nguatin mimpi msg2 sm eva jg,,, hummm,,, mnrt kuwh tuwh waktu2 yg bernilai bgt,,, bs slg membangun,,, hepi,,, thx y God... ^^
n td jg dberkati scr jasmani sm vira,,, wuahh,,, tepat pd waktu ny,,, ni makanan penguat utk melewati puasa besok jg,,, xixixixi ^^
thx y God utk this family in Christ,,, i love them so much,,, bless them Lord n keep them in ur heart i pray,,, ^^
n God hr ni aku juga diingetin sm God skali lg ttg responsibility lewat papa mama,,, tanggung jawab yg bukan cm pas d greja or pas aku lg lakuin sesuatu yg excited bgt tp jg tanggung jawab n passion yg sm utk hal2 yg jujur nya aku krg excited sperti my job,,, God Engkau ajari aku lg utk komit sm ap yg aku kerjakan harus aku kerjakan sperti utk God n bukan utk manusia dlm hal apapun yg God pcayain utk aku kerjain,,, ntah hal yg aku suka n excited bgt tp jg utk hal2 yg aku krg suka n not really excited for me,,, God ajar aku utk tetap bertanggung jawab di smua hal yg God pcayain dg passion yg sama, dg yg d bez,,, God ajar kl tuwh tmasuk integritas n bayar harga,,,
God aku tau Engkau sedang memproses aku d kerjaan jg,,, my job jg tmasuk tempat psiapan utk panggilan yg Engkau kasih buat aku, ni jg adl batu loncatan utk aku masuk panggilan aku,,, ajar aku setia y God dlm hal appun yg Engkau pcayain kecil or besar, yg aku suka or aku nda suka,,, aku tau tiap hal dlm idup aku ni smua utk kbaean aku,,, God biarpun susa utk aku excited n passion sm job aku tp aku mau blajar utk suka y God,,, aku mau blajar utk give d bez dlm appun yg aku kerjain,,, sperti utk God n bukan manusia,,, aku mau krn aku mengasihi God,,, help me Lord to love everything You gave for me,,, aku mau memberi yg tbae,,, b with me Lord n mampukan aku y God dg anugrah Mu yg pasti cukup buat ku,,, ud saat nya skrg utk aku bsedia dbenahi God utk area ni,,, bsedia utk menjadi garam n terang di tiap aspek kehidupan ku,,, aku mau bayar harga nya,,,
sumangat,,, ^^
Love You Lord,,,

Calling in our lives,,,

God td angel ngomongin ttg panggilan lowh sm c'mar d SM,,, senenk d td bs share2 sm c'mar d SM ^^
n nda tau knp nyambung ny jd k ttg panggilan gt,,,
God td pas ngobrol2 sm c'mar aku baru ngeh jg tnyata panggilan tuwh pentink bgt y God,,, n panggilan sbenere adl tujuan ilahi yg harus qt jalani yg God ud taro d hati qt spy qt bs jd berkat, bs jalani idup dg bklimpahan,,, bisa d playanan, bs d marketplace, bs jd pengkotbah, bs jd WL, bs jd hairstylist, bs jd gitaris, bs jd penyanyi, bs jd misionaris, bs jd dokter, pokoke sesuatu hal yg qt bgairah bgt n memuliakan God pas qt jalani hal tuwh,,,
td share2 ttg mo kmana biz dr yud,,, kl qt nda tau panggilan qt, stela dr yud y cm merid tuz ud d nda ngpa2en lg bahkan terancam cuma menjalani kehidupan yg biasa n membosankan,,, hufff,,,
tnyata mengetahui panggilan tuwh pentink bgt y God,,, n utk sampe k panggilan dbutuhkan visi dr God utk jd pembatas qt sampe k panggilan kami msg2,,, n God aku br sadar jg tnyata panggilan tuwh yg bikin idup ni jd lebi idup y God,,, ^^
tanpa kami manusia d bumi tau panggilan n tujuan knp God ciptain kami d bumi idup y kami cuma tumbuh besar, lulus skul, lulus kul, merid, puny anak, membesarkan anak, jd kaya mgkn n meninggal,,, wewwww,,, jujur y God aku nda mo gt idup cuma ky gt2 aj, mnrt ku, aku n smua org dciptakan krn ada sesuatu yg lebih, yg menggairahkan, yg pokoke worth for me to live d,,, masa God cape2 turun tangan utk bentuk manusia d bumi cm buat idup bosenin n idup egois utk diri ndiri gt? i want more than that!! n i know aku punya rasa nda puas dg idup yg membosankan itu krn i have a purpose, i have calling in You to b fulfilled while i'm living in this world!!
slaen aku diciptakan sbg objek pelimpahan kasih God tp jg i have a purpose to glorify God's Name in this world, to represent His love through my life, to live an adventourous life in this world according to Your Word O God,,, n i know it not juz an ordinary boring life but i can live an abundant life, a joyfull life, a passionate life n an adventourous life in God!! it is for everyone yg tpanggil,,, kehidupan yg menggairahkan n full of joy n bmakna bgt ini utk smua org,,,
woww God i'm so excited knowing that my life not juz for living, working, merid n die,,,
i live because God loves me n i have a calling, a purpose to b fulfilled!! hahahhaha, it makes me full of joy n passion Lord,,, n aplg God blg d yer 29:11 kl God tau rancangan yg ada pd God utk kami smua,,, yaitu rancangan damai sjahtra,,, weww,,, bener2 God aku pngn idup d panggilan aku,,, i want to live that abundant life in God,,, i really do,,, ^^
n God kl God ud kasitau aku panggilan aku, aku bener2 pngn pliara panggilan aku,,, aku pngn bayar harga nya utk menuju panggilan aku y God,,, brapa pun harga nya angel mau y God,,, Help me Lord,,, angel tau pada saat angel memenuhi panggilan angel tuwh jg pnyembahan angel buat God n tuwh menyenangkan God,,, tuwh bentuk kasih angel buat God n buat org laen,,, angel mau y God jd saluran berkat nya God buat org2,,, angel mau menyenangkan God,,, angel mengasihi Mu y God... ^^
skrg2 ni angel tau Engkau makin meneguhkan panggilan angel sm angel,,, angel rindu bgt pngn cepet2 masuk k panggilan angel,,, tp angel tau ni masa2 psiapan God buat angel,,, biar angel mau sabar y God n mudah dbentuk sm God,,, angel mau taat,,, angel mau blajar jd pemimpin yg punya hati hamba,,, angel mau jd royal priesthood ny God,,, jd imam kerajaan ny God,,, angel pngn punya idup menyembah ky imam n jg berotoritas kerajaan dlm idup angel,,, angel pngn idup menyembah dlm roh n kbenaran,,, dlm roh yaitu PPW sm God n kbenaran yaitu melakukan kbenaran FirTu dlm idup angel,,,
my calling is to b Your prophet for the nations,,, utk membritakan kabar bae Mu n kbenaran2 FirTu yg membebaskan n memulihkan k bangsa2 bsama Mu y God,,,
n God utk smua org biar mreka tau kl idup mreka mempunyai tujuan ilahi n panggilan yg menunggu utk mreka ketahui n masuki,,, idup yg bklimpahan d dlm Engkau,,, idup yg sgt2 layak utk dijalani,,, a purpose driven life,,,
thx Lord for Your goodness, utk 1 hal baru yg Engkau ungkapkan buat angel n c'mar,,, muaaccchhh!!
love You Lord Jesus,,, ^^

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Precious in God eyes,,,

God,,, hari ini angel belajar ttg Engkau n diri angel dg cara yg menyakitkan... i feel Your heart Lord,,, angel rasain hati God yg sedi,,,
sering bgt nda cm hari ni angel ngrasa nda berharga or kurang berharga dr org laen,,, ntah knp, mgkn krn rasa perfeksionis yg tnyata angel puny,,, angel ngrasa nda cukup bae kl dibanding org laen,,, i feel less beautifull, less smart, less talent, less skill, kurang klemahlembutan as a lady, less lucky than other,,, dkk,,, du God rasa ny nda enak bgt pas prasaan2 rendah diri ky gt dateng,,, n nda cm hr ni tp srg d hari2 yg kmrn,,, angel tau teori yg blg manusia diciptakan bukan utk saling membandingkan, tp susah y God tnyata praktek ny,,, susah utk nda banding2in diri sm org laen,,, tp God,,, God hari ni ud mengajar angel dg cara yg sunggu2 angel nda mo, cara yg menyakitkan,,, angel ngrasa God nangis n sedi waktu angel mikir "i less precious than other,,,"
waktu angel blg gt dlm hati angel utk diri angel, angel rasa God nangis,,,
angel cuma denger jawaban lembut God yg blg "i love you my daughter,,, can't u feel it? i send my angels to protected you, Aku tidak membiarkan sesuatu yg buruk tjadi atas diri mu,,, Aku memberi mu hanya yg tbae,,, you are so precious in My eyes,,, i love you so much,,, Engkau berharga anakKu,,, sgt berharga..."
Lord You said it with tears in Your eyes,,, I'm sorry Lord... i dun want to hurt You anymore,,, n angel tau skrg bukan dr kt org tp dr God ndiri yg blg angel sgt berharga buat God,,, i am loved by the King of kings, the Lord of lords n it is enough,,,
Thank You Lord,,, hanya Engkau yg memandang ulat n melihat seekor kupu2,,,
Thank You Lord,,, Engkau mengangkat ku seorg perantauan menjadi Putri kesayangan Mu,,, rakyat jelata menjadi seorang Putri, Princess,,, (thats why i love cinderella n fairy tale so much ^^ )
Thank You Lord,,, Engkau lah mimpi ku yg menjadi kenyataan,,,
Thank You Lord,,, for saying "I love you so much my daughter,,, you are so precious in My eyes,,,"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


God, angel baru merenung baru2 ni,,, angel mgkn org yg cuexxx bgt x y God?
kdank angel nda tau kl God ud kasi "malaikat2" d sekitar angel yg biasa disebut teman...
akir2 ni angel banyak merenung n diajari sm God ttg persahabatan lewat sahabat2 d sekitar angel,,, dl angel mikir i can live by myself,,, tp tnyata i can't... God, angel tsentuh sm kasih dr temen2 angel,,,
through them You teach me how to b a friend,,, You teach me not to judge, You teach me to accept other, You teach me to b there for other,,, You teach me Lord utk bs tbuka sm org laen,,,
You teach me to receive love from other, to understand other, to care for other, to see from other point of view,,, utk slg membangun n blajar menghargai n mengasihi org laen,,, thx y God utk teman2kuwh,,,
thx God utk mreka yg ad buat kuwh, utk mreka yg tertawa sm2 ak, utk mreka yg mendengar tangis kuwh, utk mreka yg mempercayai ak utk jd tempat crita mreka, utk mreka yg memberi ak kasih, utk mreka yg mau menerima kasih kuwh, utk mreka yg menegor ak, utk mreka yg mau mendengar ak, utk mreka yg menerima ak ap ad ny, utk mreka yg mau menjadi bagian dr hidup kuwh,,, menjadi sahabat2kuwh,,,
nama2 mreka akan sll ad d hati kuwh n doa kuwh,,, bless them Lord,,,, ^^


Accepts you as you are
Believes in "you"
Calls you just to say "HI"
Doesn't give up on you
Envisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
Forgives your mistakes
Gives unconditionally
Helps you
Invites you over
Just because
Keeps you close at heart
Loves you for who you are
Makes a difference in your life
Never Judges
Offers support
Picks you up
Quiets your fears
Raises your spirits
Says nice things about you
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it
Understands you
Values you
Walks beside you
Yells when you won't listen and
Zaps you back to reality
May we always be "good buddies"
May we always be good friends
and may our friendship be the kind
that never ends...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pray for manhood womanhood...

God yg besar... angel wanna pray for manhood womanhood tgl 6 juni...
God angel doa utk topeng2 yg akan dibeli, biar God yg beri toko yg tbae, topenk yg d bez n harga yg d bez jg... berkati via n tedy yg pegi k asemka, Engkau berikan kemurahan utk mreka, favor God mnyertai mreka dan brikan mreka kemudahan utk mengetahui khendak God utk topeng yg akan dibeli... n God biar Engkau yg urapi topeng2 yg dibeli,,,
God angel doa utk brosur2, video dan promosi2 manhood womanhood,,, God biar Engkau yg urapi brosur2, video n drama promosi2 yg diadakan, biar ad urapan God turun waktu org2 melihat ny spy Engkau jamah n gerakkan mreka utk hadir tgl 6 juni nanti... urapi davi, glen n eva n yg maen drama y God,,,
God angel doa utk dekor, biar Engkau yg berikan hikmat buat girja, cecile n ko anthony... God angel sunggu2 doa biar dekor nanti sperti yg Engkau mau y God... biar tjadi sperti pd waktu Engkau membrikan design pd musa utk pembuatan kemah suci dan pralatan bait suci n biar tjadi sperti Engkau membri hikmat daud n salomo utk pembuatan bait suci,,, biar bukan kami y God tp Engkau,,,
God angel doa utk sovenir pin yg akan dibuat... biar Engkau membri design yg tbae utk sovenir,,, God biar sovenir ni bukan cuma skedar sovenir yg ingetin kami akan acara tp biar sovenir ni sunggu2 ingetin kami kl kami adl pangeran n putri K.God yg diutus k dunia utk merepresentasikan K.God utk dunia yg hilang ni,,, biar pd waktu org2 liat sovenir ni d dlm diri mreka God ingetin bahwa mreka sunggu2 adl pangeran n putri God yg sunggu2 berharga d mata God,,, rekan skerja God d dunia ni,,, berkati ELvira y God yg mimpin utk pembuatan sovenir ni,,, brikan hikmat,,,
God angel doa utk tiap acara yg dirancang God lewat via n deby,,, God biar Engkau yg memimpin mreka, ENgkau yg brikan hikmat utk kasi suasana K.God pas sabtu nanti,,, kami rindu y God utk merasakan atmosfer K.God,,, kami sunggu2 rindu,,,
God angel doa utk konsumsi,,, utk mikha n mellini yg incharge utk konsumsi ni,,, biar God Engkau yg urapi dg kmudahan n favor utk mengatur konsumsi2 yg dbrikan sm tiap cool2, berkati mreka yg ud membri y God,,, bri damai n sukacita utk mreka,,, jg spy mikha n mellini dbri kemudahan utk beli piring, gelas n sendok garpu,,, bri yg tbae y God,,,
God urapi eva n glen utk jd moderator n tiap yg melayani nanti,,, spy kami sunggu2 melayani God,,, spy kami mengandalkan God bukan dg kekuatan kami,,, spy ad hadirat God yg turun y God,,,
God angel jg doa utk pembicara, angel doa spy sunggu2 God yg urapi n bri dia hikmat utk membri tau isi hati God utk area yg 1 ni,,, spy kami tau bagaimana menyenangkan God dlm tiap aspek kehidupan kami tmasuk soal berhubungan y God,,, angel jg doa spy ENgkau yg urapi jemaat spy ad tanah hati yg tbae, Engkau jamah mreka pada saat mreka mau masuk kbktian, spy ad atmosfer ilahi yg turun atas kami smua,,, bukan hanya jemaat y God tp sluruh yg hadir,,, ubah tiap paradigma2 kami yg nd bkenan menjadi paradigma2 kerajaan God yg God suka,,, kami mau y God idup kami menyenangkan God krn kami mengasihi ENgkau,,,
God,,, hamba sunggu2 bdoa utk manhood womanhood,,, bukan utk kmuliaan sapa2 tp utk kmuliaan God,,, 1 krinduan hamba spy kerajaan God benar2 dimanifestasikan d idup kami smua d bumi ni,,, kami rindu jd garam n terang n mengubah dunia ni,,, hamba rindu ad kbenaran2 God yg turun utk bumi ni,,, biar God bkenan sm doa2 angel,,, God jg kl ad tiap motiv hati kami yg nda benar ampuni y God biar ENgkau yg ubah tiap motiv hati kami jd menyenangkan God,,,
biar Engkau jg lingkupi kami smua dg damai sjahtra spy nda ad perpecahan,,, n biar ENgkau yg bperang utk kami y God,,, Engkau yg bela kami,,, krn Engkaulah God, Defender kami yg idup,,, mighty n strong,,,
i'm so proud of You God,,, ^^
dalam Nama Jesus angel bdoa,,, amennn,,,

Monday, May 25, 2009

My God is an awesome God...

juz wanna say, You are awesome God...
biarpun hari2 ni lg berat bgt... keadaan ekonomi lg jg gimn gt,, hue, tp angel tau God ad sm angel,,,
God setia sm kluarga angel,,,
waktu kmrn doa d sentul, God cm blg "be still n know that I am God,,,"
du, pas God blg gt rasae legaaaa bgt... angel tau God yg akan bela angel, angel tau God sayank bgt sm angel n will never leave angel...
waktu denger pnyataan God ky kmrn angel jd inget n brasa bgt kl God lg kluar sbg Raja, sbg Panglima yg bperang demi angel,,,, n Lord,,, i know i am save with You,,, i know my God is mighty to save,,, i know my Defender is live,,, and He is mighty n strong...
i will put my trust only in You Lord,,, angel ud cinta mati sm God, hahahhaha, rada lebay siy tp its the truth,,, i really feel You Lord in every aspect of my life,,,
n angel tau nda cm God blg buat ekonomi kluarga angel tp jg buat hal2 laen... buat manhood womanhood tgl 6 juni, angel tau God akan ad disana n God akan lawat luar biasa,,, akan ad atmosfer surga yg turun,,, nda cm buat jemaat aj God tp jg buat panitia2 akan blg "sungguh tangan God jelas terlihat,,,", God angel pcaya akan ad paradigma2 yg diubah... dari paradigma dunia yg bobrok menjadi paradigma2 kerajaan God yg keren abiz,,, du God,,, hati angel rindu bgt smua org d dunia tau n ngerti ttg kerajaan God yg luar biasa, yg memerdekakan, yg membuat idup bklimpahan, yg mencelikan mata, yg membuat yg lumpuh jd berjalan... angel rindu paradigma2 lama bruba jd paradigma2 baru, paradigma Kerajaan God,,, amen2,,, ^^
n God i know bukan cm hal2 umum d idup angel yg Engkau peduli tp jg idup pribadi Angel,,,
Engkau jg peduli sm hati angel, God pngn angel temu sm ph angel yg bener2 dr God bukan cm ap yg bae mnrt angel tp yg tbae mnrt God,,, thx Lord for all protection You gave for me,,,
mgkn org2 bosen x denger angel ngomonk ph mulu, dkk,,, tp sbenere bukan tuwh... angel cm pngn org2 tau kl God peduli sm sluruh kehidupan angel, bukan cm pas d greja, kluarga, gt2, tp jg d kehidupan cinta,,, Dia God yg sangat2 romantis, Dia God pencipta keromantisan, jd sgt nda sala angel kasi kehidupan cinta angel sm God,,, ud bertaon2 God sll kasi angel ttg puzzle2 gambaran ph angel ky gimn, ap yg haruz dlakuin kl ud temu ph, ap rencana God ttg keidupan kami bdua slanjutny, bahkan karakter ph angel pun ud dkasitau,,, memank nda sekaliguz tp potongan2,,, n angel rindu God saat ny nanti temu sm ph angel, saat yg God jg nanti2kan,,, saat yg pasti indah bgt,,,
du God,,, mank nda sala kl org2 blg God is enough,,, mank bener,,, God is enough krn Engkau mencakup segala ny dlm idup ni,,, if someone find u, he/she find everything,,, but if someone not find You, He/She loses everything,,,
You r really an awesome God,,, Pribadi yg nda prnh abiz dcritain kbaean, kehebatan, kasih, kesetiaan, keromantisan, keperkasaan, kelembutan, kesabaran Nya,,,
awesome God,,, yes You are...